Product Search API (REST) - Characteristics

Our Product Search API is available as a RESTful API that allows for the following types of searches against the element14 catalog:

  • Keyword Search
  • Newark, / Farnell / element14 Product Number Search
  • Manufacturer Part Number Search

The Product API has two levels of access, STANDARD and CONTRACT pricing. See the Product Search API page for more details. It also features response groups are a means to filter out certain elements of the payload based on the type of information/use case.

Access URL


Each call must be authenticated by sending the following parameter in the request URL (Contract Pricing calls also require further authentication via Signature/Date-Time Stamp and CustomerID):

Authentication Parameter



The 24 character alphanumeric api key you request on the developer portal.

Response Formats


See API-Specific Errors for a list of errors specific to the API calls.