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Our Featured Partners

Eagle by  CADSoft is a great example of adding value by integrating product data. Through the Product Search API (branded DesignLink), customers can find components that match their designs and build a parts list.

In addition, Eagle supports users who have special pricing with Premier Farnell to be able to add their details into the application to receive back their own contract pricing.

CalcuQuote is a comprehensive RFQ Management System for Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) companies.

As the only end-to-end quote system designed specifically for EMS companies, CalcuQuote can dramatically improve your quote process through advanced:

  • RFQ Requirements Capture
  • BOM Scrubbing
  • Material Costing
  • Labor Cost Estimation
  • Business Analytics
  • Risk Assessment Tracking

Optymo by  INLYNK is a powerful, yet affordable, ERP solution for companies in the Electronic Design and Manufacturing markets.

It can be customized to fit the size, structure, and needs of your organization.

Optymo provides Engineers with the tools necessary to streamline the process of developing electronics projects from prototyping right through to production.

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The  Orbweaver Platform delivers customer-specific purchasing data over a secure connection between contract manufacturers and their suppliers.

CMs use the Orbweaver Connect API to integrate their supplier data, including Farnell, Newark, or element14 contract-negotiated pricing - anywhere they need it.

  • Instantly respond to BOM quote requests
  • Provide real-time data to Sales Reps
  • Automate purchase orders
  • Efficiently manage inventory
  • Manage supplier pricebooks







Established in 2010,  Portus  develops and markets purpose-built, web-based business intelligence platforms for electronics manufacturers.

Targeted at OEM's, ODM's and CM's that design and build a wide array of products including medical devices, telecommunications equipment and industrial equipment.

Portus focus is on making end users ultra-efficient by providing them the rich multi-layered analytical content that they need at their finger tips in an easy to use web-based environment.